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So hello my dear Gamers and welcome to Season 3 of Niggercraft,
(note that im not using Niggercraft for any racist or discriminating purposes)
Before we actually start playing we must wait until az3 hits.
which is a event that is gonna take place in TSUKICHAT you could say. If you are not part of the TSUKICHAT i encourage you to take a look: Systemspace, Systemspace Chat,
it is required that you join the chat to confirm that you a Migrant/Member of the Tsuki Project. If you wish to join and don't want to become a migrant i recommend you turn back because no mod or admin is gonna allow you to join except for really special exceptions. If you think you are one of those special exceptions feel free to Contact me.


if you are expecting complicated rules, surprise they are not
the only rule is not intentionally harming the server.

What are the rules then?

Do NOT attempt to Backdoor the server! Do NOT try to lag the server. Cheating is not allowed, do NOT mess the server up. (Like blinking/Packet Halt etc.) Exploits Are